Christian Florez Yoga at The Rialto



Christian is a local, as he was born and raised in Orange County. He began practicing Yoga due to an awakening he experienced, transitioning into a more healthy way of living. He quit his competitive boxing career, and wanted to treat his body and mind with more Love and respect, ultimately landing him in his first Vinyasa class. He immediately was humbled with not only the physical challenge he experienced, but the mental as well. He has devoted himself to an intuitive practice, and incorporating more mindful movement. He is recognized for his knowledge in arm balances/inversions.

He teaches from a place of understanding, culture and tradition while acknowledging the importance of evolution and adaptability. His sequences are traditional while incorporating unique and dynamic movement. His classes are challenging, guiding each student to advance within their own practice, mentally, physically, and spiritually.


Karma Captures MEdia

Christian and his beautiful wife Hailee own a photography/video company called Karma Captures (and guess what: YOU can book a session with them during EDGE Wellness week!). Karma Captures creates conscious content to awaken the beauty that lies within. The eyes are the window to the soul, and the lens is their vessel to capture the magic of the spirit. Karma Captures is a leading social media agency, providing the highest quality content designed to help companies and entrepreneurs thrive and drive revenue through all social platforms. Karma Captures' captivating artistry and unique style makes them one of a kind intuitive creators. Their objective is not only to produce dynamic visual imagery, but to provide lasting memories that extend beyond the physical image.